India needs nearly 900 passenger planes in future: Senior government official

Bengaluru: To cater to the robust air passenger traffic across airports in the country as well as the Regional Connectivity Scheme (UDAN) that aims to provide air travel to the common man, India will need nearly 900 passenger aircraft in the future, said a senior state government official.

Speaking to The New Indian Express on the sidelines of an Indo-French Defence and Aerospace Cooperation conference taking place in the city on Tuesday, Deepak Sood, CEO of Invest Karnataka Forum said, "We presently have nearly 500 passenger aircraft.

In comparison, China has around 2,500 passenger planes, five times that of India. The UDAN Scheme will also require additional aircraft." The UDAN (Ude desh ke nagrik) scheme launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in June 2016 aims to make air travel affordable to the common man by making use of remote and under served airports.

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Source: Travel News